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Resources : Free stockphoto's

Journal Entry: Tue May 29, 2007, 5:39 AM
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Free stock photo sites. I was cleaning my pc's favorites folder when i came across a little folder called stockphoto's, i forgot all about that one.. so i wrote them down, tried to find their terms of use or FAQ and put them here, maybe you will find it usefull:)

Burning Well

BurningWell is a repository for public domain (free for any use) images. You are free to download, copy and use the photos you find here for any purpose. Please donate your own. Nice high resolution size photo's in different category's. easy to browse
Morgue file

Yes, all images are really free and they can be used in your commercial projects without permission or credit from the photogrpaher. Although selling prints, selling the images directly or claiming the photo is yours is prohibited. You are responsible for the content of the photos you use. It is very much the same as if you had taken the photograph yourself, you must still obtain proper permission for property or people depicted in the photos if any. easy to browse into different category's

These are free photos that may be used by anyone for any artistic endeavor, personal or commercial without having to give credit or a link etc.

The GeekPhilosopher has made a good-faith effort to ensure that this photograph selection is free of all copyright restrictions . You are free to do whatever you want with these photos except redistribute them. nice and easy to browse, good size resolution photos
Stockphoto archive

All these images are royalty free for personal and non-commercial use, but play safe you've read the disclaimer before you download. mostly interesting textures, a bit confusing to use because its in sessions instead of category's, so you need to go into the session to see what's in it. ideal stock for dark artist, i think:)

nice stock with lots of different category and high resolution size photo's

? kinde of special stock with unique photo's in it .. her TOU are here

About Pixel

German photosite. free registration .
translated : Download Nutzungsbedingungen Use of the image file for independent commercial and commercial medium and print projects is not expressly permitted. Publishing of an image file in another graphic data bank or in picture catalogs is not permitted. The direct sales of pictures from the graphic data bank is just as forbidden as the indirect sales by connection of the pictures with products (e.g. cups, t-Shirts, cushion, calendar etc..); a license can be given if necessary separately of The pornografische, insulting, obszoene, slandering, force wonderful end or for other reasons punishable use of an image file are not permitted and are criminally pursued....
Downloaded pictures may be worked on and/or verfremdet. If the origin picture should not be recognizable any longer, the picture proof can be omitted. 3. Author and characteristic rights All within the InterNet offer specified and if necessary by third protected mark/characteristic rights are subject without reservation to the legal regulations. Even if no concrete referring to the existence of mark or characteristic rights are given, this does not permit the conclusion that mark or characteristic rights third does not exist. All rights at our sides as well as at individual objects remain alone with the author. A duplication or a spreading publications printed by components of these sides, e.g. graphics, clay/tone documents, video sequences or texts in other electronic or is not permitted without express agreement of the author.


Textures lots of them
You can use the textures in your school projects, to make CD sleeves, posters, in movies, in videogames etc - anything where you have added your own artistic effort

freefoto is made up of 106720 images with 142 sections organized into 3099 categories. is the largest collection of free photographs for private non-commercial use on the Internet.
The comprehensive, yet easy to navigate site is free to private non-commercial users and for sale to other users.
Vintage Pixels

Vintage Pixels is a large database of historical, high quality, free-for-use images which allows people to share their archived photos. You can download images for print, or use in graphic design, as well upload images to add to the ever growing album of vintage images. The best part - it's all free!

Sign up with Vintage Pixels and enjoy the services we provide! What have you got to lose? As a member, you will not only be able to browse, search and view our images, but download images, upload images and manage a gallery of your own!

Textures Boom
some textures
jim Wegreyn

Any of the pictures may be used for any purpose, but please cite where you got it (
Please notify me if you use any of these pictures (see email address below). jim ( without the space between jim and @


Image*After is a large online free photo collection. You can download and use any image or texture from our site and use it in your own work, either personal or commercial.
IronOrchid Photo Clipart
No image may be used as a part of another clipart, or photo clipart collection, nor may it be sold to a second party. Limited use only, and you may alter photographs to suit your needs.

   Users may make no claim to ownership of image(s)


Copyright Notice:
The content presented within this web site is copyrighted exclusivley to the creators of This content is available for both commercial and private use free
of charge. All content contained within may not be used for
propaganda, pornographic or suggestive materials.

User License:
The license is issued only to the person that downloads the images. The license may not be resold or reassigned. The images may be used for commercial or personal use in print, film, TV, Internet or other media. Credit for the images is not necessary.

Images and digital creations downloaded from our website may be used for both personal and commercial purposes under the limitations of this license. Any magazine, newspaper or other publication, product, design element or promotional material they appear in may be sold or distributed in any way for an unlimited number of times.However, you may not share an image or digital creation by providing access on shared disk drives or network, resell any image or digital creation, use any image or digital creation as part of a trademark or patent image, use any image or digital creation as part of a logo, produce printed reproductions of any image or digital creation on canvas or paper to be sold, use or display any image or digital creation on websites designed to induce sales of "print on demand" products, to use these images or digital creation in connection with sensitive subjects including, but not limited to drugs, alcohol, physical abuse, contraband, crime, discrimination or defamation excepting the situation or situations when used to combat, fight or discourage such activities, use these images or digital creation in connection with any pornographic, obscene or immoral materials considered so by Freepixels. (acting reasonably)..

Free Royalty Free Stock Photography: Unlike other sites with free images, these are also royalty free
have no idea , i can't find a FAQ or term of use :( but it say free photo ..
Fontplay free photo's
These are free photos that may be used by anyone for any artistic endeavor, personal or commercial without having to give credit or a link etc. - If you do anything cool with any them, I wouldn't mind seeing it.

Terms of Use: Use these images at your own risk. I can only assert that the photos were taken by me and my friends, and we don't mind if you use them

Are the photos of this site really free?
A: The images of the site can be downloaded for personal or commercial use, please:
- credit on your website
- do not use the images to clone this stock photo website
- do not link directly to the images of the website

dreamstime terms of using here>>>>>>>
ArtFavor is the collection of vector and flash clipart, sounds, fonts, photos, pictures and images for designers, flash programmers and interested in creative web design.
You can use any resources for non-commercial projects.
My Pixel Perfect Stock Gallery
just a few photo's

The interesting stocks are now with a little thumb so you can see already a little bit what they have in stock

°  good stocks to use part 1 featured stocks in my journals
°  good stocks to use part 2 womenstocks
°  good stocks to use part 3 male stocks, backgrounds and some special stuff</strong>

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LeeAnneKortus Featured By Owner May 31, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
great resources!! Thank you so much for sharing! :-)
Hera-of-Stockholm Featured By Owner May 30, 2007
Interesting links. Thanks tonnes :hug:
savannaslew Featured By Owner May 29, 2007
Wow! Thanks for all the links Hedi!
nianiniel Featured By Owner May 29, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow! Thank you so much for the links. :thanks:
vcrimson Featured By Owner May 29, 2007
wow! that's an awesome collection of stock sites! thanks so much for going through all the trouble of seeking out the t&c for them too!
azurylipfe Featured By Owner May 30, 2007
my pleasure:) it was no trouble at all, its easy for me this way to see it all together , instead of start searching each time i go to a stocksite where the FAQ or terms of use are:)
sinziana Featured By Owner May 29, 2007  Professional Interface Designer
:wow: thank you so much for such great resources!! Thanks for sharing :hug:
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