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The white lady by azurylipfe The white lady by azurylipfe
Before/after : [link]

Model :iconlisajen-stock:
wall : :iconmirandarose-stock: [link]
landscape stock xchng
floor , old painting:my own not in stock
brushes my own
letter, candle :iconjlstock:
mirror is made with selectiontool
Hair and eyes repainted in photoshop and psp

inspiration the model

The Brugge legend about The white lady

From dusk till Midnight the white lady dwelled in Brugges.. Older people from Brugges can tell that the white lady was from scotland, married with an officer that died at a very young age at the battlefield . How the young widow ended up in Bruges was very unclear because she had very little contact with the people from the city. She only visited an old beguine , and then she spoke a very bad french and english language to eachother. Sometimes she looked unpatiently through the curtains as if she expected somebody. No matter how, after those visits she ended up walking in the city. In the winter she carried a black umbrella and in the summer a green sunshade.

On one day, she just disappeared. The police started an inverstigation, but the didn't find any sign of her. The room where she lived in was clean and neat, only on the table stood an open inktpot with a letter nearby. The letter said ' I found my dear Druïde. Farewell! "

The mystery of her disappearance was never solved. In vain they searched in' the Minnewater' but nothing was been found. Only since then people started to see her ghost suddenly appear behind a tree or a statue while they heared a very sad cry : "O, my dear druïde!" while she pulled herself hastily back in a bush, swinging bashfully with her green sunshade.

An urban legend from Belgium, but i have no idea where to find a source, because i have read that story a very long time in a serie called ' vlaamse filmpjes' .
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March 17, 2008
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