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The sin of Luxuria by azurylipfe The sin of Luxuria by azurylipfe
the sin of luxuria also known as the sin of lust, Desire of the Flesh detail 100% >>> [link] <<<
punisment in hell : smothered in fire and brimstone
Lust is disordered desire for or inordinate enjoyment of sexual pleasure, inordinate craving for worldly pleasures. Luxuria was considered a sin because worldly pleasures supposedly dulled the spiritual senses, not because people were getting it . luxuria is latin and means in fact perversion

color : blue, its somehow strange to connect the color blue with lust but i think that is because its not an sincere feeling, its an emotionless feeling ,a takeover without caring if somebody gets hurt, just chasing your own desires, think thats why this sin got the color blue:) thats also why the flames on her hand are blue, because the heart isn't really thouched :)..

animall connected with lust is the cow., don't know really why so i chose to paint the symbol from dante, the panther:) didn't paint this one now, had that one awhile but unfinished, only had the head and a little bit of the body, and i don't feel like finishing it and it fits here good :D

demon associated with lust is Asmodeus

the virtue that stands on the other side of the sin is Chastity

I'm really not happy with the result of this on, i just can't do lust the way i should picture her-, i used a reference of an adult model for the pose, and even then i put as much cloths on as i could, because i wanted create the illusion of lust, not just a body full lust. and i'm not gona try it a thirth time because i will faile again,..

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May 17, 2006
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