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The sin of Gula by azurylipfe The sin of Gula by azurylipfe
the sin of Gula, also known as gluttony or laziness Wasting of food, either through overindulgence in food, drink or intoxicants, misplaced desire for food for its sensuality, or withholding food from the needy ...
A more modern synonym for the sin of Gula might be "addiction", and this wouldperhaps a more appropriate discribtion what gluttony is . why do people indulge in such reckless excess, be it through a cigarette, a martini, or a chicken drumstick? Boredom, frustration, depression, a feeling of longing....

Punishment in Hell: forced to eat rats, toads, and snakes
animal refered to this sin is the pig
color of the sin is orange
demon related to this sin: Beelzebub..

i'm not so sure of the pose, i think its a bit unnatural , and after i came to the conclusion that i was painting this thing in the wrong color, it took a bit the fun away and the inspiration because i had imagined everything in yellow and after my conclusion that it had to be orange, i got a bit mixup ... you know why orange is the color for this.. i learned in coloreducation that orange stimulates the feel of getting hungry, thats why in a orange kitchen or dinerroom you always seem to have that feeling of hunger, and its because i started to thing on this that i came to the conclusion that i was painting in the wrong color lol

treebrushes and grassbrushes are from my stock, moon and ravens also . everyting else is painted:)

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March 2, 2006
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