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The sin of Avaritia by azurylipfe The sin of Avaritia by azurylipfe
avaritia (avarice/greed),
the sin of Avaritia

started to paint on this on 15 march:| finaly finishing this on up and after 4 days spending every single minute i could on my pc on this one, almost 30 hours just on the little details ... the sixt of my sins serie ( i must be nuts :| )

Desire to increase one's wealth, disloyalty, deliberate betrayal, or treason especially for personal gain or when compensated. Scavenging and hoarding of materials or objects. Theft and robbery by violence. Simony is the evolution of avarice because it fills you with the urge to make money by selling things within the confines of the church. Its a desire to possess more than one has need or use for. And ignoring the realm of the spiritual

Punishment in Hell: put in cauldrons of boiling oil
animal refered to this sin is the frog
color of the sin is yellow
demon related to this sin: Mammon..

this took me to long to finish especially the coins because i couldn't find the coinstube back that was in psp 7 and i still have one more to do of this serie, and if that one is gona take as long as this one, i will bang my head against the wall, i just had so many troubles with the face this time, i wanted a skinny face, because she only wants to add more money to her treasure, so she forget to eat.
the candle i followed a tutorial for it, because i wanted to paint candles in another painting i'm working to for the moment ( [link] )
coins are made painted used selectiontool, basictools& gradients. and i have wrote a tutorial about how i did those :) >>> [link] <<<<
hours spend.. i really don't know
layers 400 more or less didn't count the dupplicated layers
frog, used reference to paint that one [link] its not really the same, i went wrong with his legs
cups reference : calice font for the basic form
brushes used : lace textures and trees from my own stock

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September 2, 2006
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