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October 2, 2006
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The sin of Acedia by azurylipfe The sin of Acedia by azurylipfe
The last one of my 7 sins serie... finaly

Originally,the sin sloth was called Acedia and Sadness. acedia described a spiritual apathy that affected the faithful by discouraging them from their religious work, uneasiness of the mind, an absence or insufficiency of love .

Sadness (Tristitia in Latin), depression and melancholy described a feeling of dissatisfaction or discontent, showing unhappiness with their current situation.

Sloth is also often interpreted as wasting precious time, not doing enough to help the world, and avoiding a rigorous spiritual journey, an unwillingness to act, the sin of sloth causes one to shun many things because of the sorrow or unpleasantness involved, and to seek many unlawful things as a means of escape from his depressing state; and because of this it begets many other sins. Thus sloth involves both a fleeing from spirituality, and a pursuit of the world.

Punishment in Hell: thrown in snake pits
animal refered to this sin is the goat
color of the sin is lightblue
demon related to this sin: Belphegor..

Started on this one at the end of may , it was also then i discoverd that drawing in psp and photoshop was a big difference [link] so after 4 months its finaly done, at least for now:) it still needs some little details, if i can figure out some more symbols for this sin:)

took me quite some time to finish it because i didn't really know how to portrait her.
so i put her into a chair, not caring about the world outside, just staring at something, also with a trace of tears on her face because she feels a bit depressed. The goat was another story, as reference for it i used a photo of a sheep from our neighbours, but i think i may be content that i got a goat instead of a sheep painted :| still don't know how i did it, but the hairbrushes from Dewayne helped a lot, also can't remember if goats have horns :|
I think from all the sins, that this one, is the best qua technique, and more finished to, or i have a lot more experiance then when i started on this serie :D

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