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The libra by azurylipfe The libra by azurylipfe
the seventh sign from the zodiaque : the libra
model used from wonderfull stock:)

i know a few libra persons:) most male and some females:) they all seem to think everything over and over, they are beautfifull people to, i love being around them and sometimes they get on my nerves ( like my sister:rofl:)

GENERAL FEATURES: Air sign ruled by Venus. Librans love beauty and elegance and they hate arguments. They express rational and impartial judgments on any subject. They are nice, gentle, balanced, orderly and they can adapt themselves to circumstances. They fall into a state of depression when they are violently attacked and suffer in case of defeat. They like jobs related to wide spaces, such as: designer, antiquarian, free lance worker. Friendship and true love are absolutely necessary. To give vent to their love, they could face very long journeys. Librans are possessive and faithful and also in love they hate vain arguments and vulgarity.

SEDUCING LIBRAN MEN: Libran men are delicate, elegant and fascinating. Because of their self-esteem, they love being admired and fondled. With them it is possible to take the first step and break the ice. For Libran men is important to find a clever woman who can relieve them from daily worries.
TIP: mind your eye make-up.

SEDUCING LIBRAN WOMEN: Libran women are elegant, refined, vital and sweet. To win her love, give her lots of expensive and refined presents. If you don't want to lose her, you need to cover her with sweetness and attentions.
TIP: When you give her flowers, add a nice love card

used : filter trond 1 & 2, mystical, eyecandy, gradients, normal colors :d, smoke mask, border masks, 2brushes Dozi, hairbrushes dewayne, brushes strings, nebula and hair , and a lot more:)
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November 24, 2005
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