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The Sin Of Superbia.. by azurylipfe The Sin Of Superbia.. by azurylipfe
finished her :D while i'm putting this here i'm saving it as finished :D a bit later then i thought :)

the sin of superbia : Desire of Greatness
also know as ,Pride vanity, narcissism
A desire to be important or attractive to others or excessive love of self, unreasonable selfesteem
pride us the beginning of all since, since pride is the first sin committed by lucifer
punishmebt in hell :
broken on the wheel

color : purple
animall connected with pride is the horse and eagle:

the pose looks very odd, i know but its just to show the vanity of a pride person, the arrogance of thinking that she is more and better than somebody else, didn't give her a mirror , but instead of that i give her water where she can look in when she want conformation that she is beautifull. the wall is a fingerpoint to the punishment in hell. the little mouth is to show she has a dislike of people that aren't like her and not on the so called " same level". and that she wants easely to have control over other peoples live...

I am pleased with the result of this one, i really happy how the dress turned out and also on i would like to have myself( if my figure would let me wear such thing :rofl: ) i kept it somehow more simple then the The sin of Invidia and The sin of Ari , more simple but not with less layers, for this one i ended with 250 layers lol

the only thing that frustrated me is when i merge the layers, i always come to the conclusion that i painted outside the lines and that that makes it very hard to get rid ( lets say my patience can't handle that :rofl: ) that blur white or black glow always gets on my nerves and it show more when i dare to dupplicate the layer to create some dept... maybe one day i will find how to fix that :D and still need to practice a lot more on painting hands :(

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February 16, 2006
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