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Atlantis Secret legacy by azurylipfe Atlantis Secret legacy by azurylipfe
here you can see the collab based on the same sketch : [link]

This is how i interpretated the sketch, i actually finished this almost 6 months ago ( long live my patience :blushes: ), but i didn't post it then, to keep away from influences in the collaboration [link] :skot , and it was actually hard to not add lot of same things in the collab i did with Skot ( :iconcaddman: )For some parts like the face in the rock,i was glad to see that skot found a face that fitted great in it, otherwise i sure would have used the same mask like i did here:)

model :iconpumpkin-stock:
beanstalks, airship previous stockaccount :iconehtele-stock: from :iconjlstock: faerie
mushrooms are from psptubedepot
apples custom tubes from psp
big rock , several photo's of rocks, grass, waterstock xchng
tree,dragon, rock,raven:iconshoofly-stock:
round rock is painted
waterfall and vines on rock is also painted
second mushrooms on the floor, plants are from outlawdesign
clock is photo of my clock that awakes me in the morning :(
wings :iconstudiovision: who kindly gave me permission to use his wings whenever i want:)

I think this will be the last Atlantis piece :D i'm not gona swear on my soul that it will be the last one because i said that the last time that it was and here is another one :rofl: ;p
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May 29, 2007
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